What a good home music atmosphere looks like

Music is such an abstract thing that everything it brings to people is abstract. Even so, yet so many people like it! So what exactly do they like?

Music can take your mind to the sky, to the past and to the future. When the last note of the music falls with your breath, you seem to return to reality from another universe. And although you bring nothing back from this trip, you feel satisfied.

Throughout the history, the philosophers, thinkers and educators have advocated the love of music and the study of music. Confucius said: rise in poetry, establish in ritual, become in music. Lack of musical aesthetic training, human cultivation is not perfect. Plato believed that the first thing to teach children is music. Music is the most mysterious and wonderful order of the spiritual world.

Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, children are surrounded by schoolwork. Adults are overwhelmed by work, and people’s hearts are often plunged into anxiety and chaos, so that immersion in the world of music is considered superfluous, not to mention that parents and children enjoy a good musical time together. This is really regrettable.

If your child has said that it is his or her wish to pick a star, why not pick up a shining «star» for him or her every day and put it in his or her heart in the music galaxy from today onwards? A year later, they will have a clear and pure «river of musical stars» of their own.

My daughter was five years old when she first picked up the violin. Her grandfather said she was a «good material» for music and was determined to teach her to play. But as a father, I wanted my daughter to have a full and happy childhood. I loved her passion for reading, her obsession with Barbie dolls and teddy bears, and was especially enthralled with the way she listened to music while putting her beloved toys into storylines and matching them with dialogue. The violin, which has been with her since she was five years old, is just one of the many toys she enjoys more. I was most pleased that the toy «finally» became her favorite, and if she didn’t pick it up and «play» with it for a few days in a row, she’d be suffocated. I remember after the stressful middle school final exams, she would come home and say, «Now I can play the piano for fun!» Now my daughter is a grown-up, not only excelling in her studies, but also in her work, and, crucially, with a wealth of knowledge, a wide range of interests, and full of sunshine. I can feel her happiness all the time.

Never underestimate yourself and your children, anyone can enter the world of classical music from any entrance in any dimension. Every child and every family can enter the world of music in a variety of ways depending on chance. The reason I emphasize chance is that I want every child – including those who are learning to play an instrument – and your parents, to have a very natural introduction to music and to fall in love with it, a very comfortable process that is unconscious and uninterrupted by external factors. It is a very comfortable and even happy process. More importantly, I hope that you will love the «Music Parent-Child Classes» and that many years from now, when you hear a certain melody, a warm scene will come up in front of your eyes and my voice will echo in your mind.

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